At ExperienceBank, we are on a mission to bridge the critical link between tour & activity reservation systems and the world’s leading OTA’s and travel distributors.

We know how slow and difficult a task it is to build the critical mass of product that your customers want. Companies need to ensure their customers have the right product choice to ensure repeat bookings and that they share these positive experiences with their social networks.

At ExperienceBank we are assembling an exciting portfolio of partners, that will allow OTA’s to rapidly accelerate the on-boarding of new products. This will enable them to quickly establish their presence in new verticals or geographic regions and continue to build positive revenue growth.

If you are interested in learning more and to find out how to connect to our network then please Get in Contact.

API Capabilities

  • Get List of Products/Activities
    • Descriptions
    • Pictures
    • Schedules
    • Prices
    • Location Filters
  • Get Live Availabilities
  • Delivering QR/bar codes for seamless entry and tracking
  • Push Bookings
  • Booking Cancellations