When you connect to the fastest-growing Channel Manager in the market, you eliminate the complexity of managing multiple APIs, save time and money and get your customers to a global audience faster than ever before.


At ExperienceBank, we focus on two core client types:

1.Reservation Systems for tour & activity providers: Our focus is to provide a single API that enables the connection of the widest number of Distribution Partners in the market. Implementation of this API, is designed to reduce operational & development costs for booking systems while at the same time growing partner revenues.

2. OTAs/ Distribution Partners: We are focused primarily on OTA’s where we work on accelerating the on-boarding of new partners. In addition to the clear value we add through increased product choice, we also do so, through displaying real-time, last minute availability, instant booking confirmations, end to end QR/bar-code distribution and much more. Thereby ensuring the optimal customer experience.

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