Sharing your Activities with Other Marketplaces

This step-by-step article describes how to do the mapping for Other Marketplaces (Musement) on ExperienceBank

What does Other Marketplaces means?

All marketplaces apart from Expedia, Viator & GetYourGuide fall under Other Marketplaces. The best part for these marketplaces is they follow a very simple mapping process on ExperienceBank because they don’t support custom mapping and they don’t need any CSV file system. You can see the list of all other marketplaces in our article “Available marketplace ( OTA’s)”

  • Register with OTA (Musement)
  • Login to ExperienceBank
  • Share your Activities with Musement Via ExperienceBank

Step 1. Register with OTA (Musement)

If you are not registered with Expedia, please go to and complete the registration process.

Step 2. Login to ExperienceBank

Click on this URL to open the login page of ExperienceBank.

Now, use your supplier contact Email ID to login (In case, you forgot 🤔 the password, you can click on the Forgot password link to retrieve your password).

Note – For the login email ID & password of ExperienceBank, you have to contact your booking system.

“Cheers 😃 After the successful login, now you’ll be redirected to the ExperienceBank dashboard”👇

Note: – ExperienceBank Account created automatically by your Booking System. This will depend on the Booking system structure, whether they will create your ExperienceBank account through API OR Manually.

Step 3. Share your activities with Musement via ExperienceBank

Sharing of activities with Marketplace like Musement Via ExperienceBank itself is a very easy process. You just need to Enable the marketplace on ExperienceBank, And your activities are shared automatically via API with the marketplace.

  1. Choose Marketplace in the sidebar menu
  2. Search for the “Musement” square
  3. Click ENABLE